March 8, 2016

     Happy Spring! I know it's still a few weeks away but it sure feels like it!   We are busy changing over our store for spring, vegetable seeds are out for sale. We expect the seed potatoes to be in right before Easter and the onion plants right after Easter. In the orchard we are pruning our apple trees, we have thousands of trees to prune.

     We are continuely asked, How are the trees? Well so far the trees are fine. It might be hard to beleive but our Apricots & Plums have bloomed around April 1st many years. The goal is for the temperature to stay consistant without any wild swings. At the end of the day, we can't control Mother Nature, we hope and pray for the best.

     If you don't know we are a year round farm market that is open all year long, so you don't have to wait until next year for tasty apples, sweet cider and our famous fry cake donuts. We had such a nice apple crop that we will have our apples to May 2016 and press cider until then as well. Many people ask, How do you have apples still? We put some of our apple crop into a special storage call "Controlled Atmospheric Storage" the oxygen level is lower to 2.5%, the C02 level is increased and the temperature is right above freezing. These conditions put the apples "to sleep" and stop the ripening process. Certain types such as Red Delicious can be held for a year in that type of storage.



    We will be at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and Saline Farmers Market every Saturday all winter long.


                                       Happy Spring


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